Friday, April 2, 2010


I had recorded this movie from FX, last Tuesday and finally sat down last night and watched it for the first time. I didn't that this movie existed, until I have seen a Hitman poster on a goodread's group that I am on. I didn't even know who the actor Timothy Olyphant was - well, I didn't realize it was him that played the villain on Live Free and Die Hard. But that soon changed.  I remembered him them.  I even watch his FX show, Justified. I will talk about the show on another blog.

Getting back to the movie. I don't like all the killing and blood in a movie, but, the version that FX showed, I could handle. I have to admit, when I've seen where a person was going to get shot, I've blocked that scene. 

Timothy brought Agent 47 to life. Agent 47 is a bad boy, with a heart. It's not his fault that he was raised to be an assassin. I don't think he killed because he wanted to, but because he was ordered to. I've picked up this vibe, when he was in his hotel room listening to the computer program go over his assignment and tell him what he's next assassin assignment would be. 

Throughout the whole movie, Agent 47 is tough. One man against a bunch of other men and he walks out untouched. That's bad!

I like when he goes to the heroine's apartment and kidnaps her. She's the girlfriend of a man that he's after. A woman that's not in love with her - slave master. That's what he was to her. He bought the woman for $300.00 and used her to do whatever he wanted her to do. If she didn't obey. He would beat her. 

I'm happy that she ran into Agent 47. They've crossed path, when he was on an assignment to kill someone. They both were on a busy sidewalk and it was something about her that puzzled him. There was a kill that day, but not by Agent 47. It came from another Hitman.

Remember, when I've said that Agent 47 is a bad boy, with a good heart? Well, he is. He could have killed the heroine, because she didn't give him information that he wanted, but he doesn't. He let her live and their relationship turns cute. 

lol, there's a part in the movie, where he comes out of a store and opens his trunk. That's where he put her and she gets out of the truth. There are people outside. An old man sitting in the front of the store. No one thought it was strange that this man had the woman in the trunk. It was as if, it was normal for a man to have a woman in the trunk. 

Agent 47 makes her sit up front with him. He bought her something to eat. In that scene, you can see that she touched his heart. It's a cute scene! All he wants to do is get some rest and wants her to be quiet.

Later they go that extra mile, but it wasn't shown on FX. The movie might show it. I hope not, because one day, I might get a chance to buy the movie. I don't want to see a detailed sex scene. 

Nika is the heroine's name. She's made the first move. Agent 47 is good with killing people, but when it comes down to women, he's shy. 

Nika falls for Agent 47 too. It wasn't just about sex. Really, in my opinion. I believe it was his mannerism that made her fall for him, because she was liking him, prior to them sleeping together. 

I believe how the way the  movie ended. There's a possibility that another part can be made and I hope Timothy will be in it again as Agent 47. I don't want to see another man playing Agent 47. That role is for Timothy. I want to see him play the bad boy again. Agent 47, Timothy version is sexy.

The movie is based off a game. I've never seen the game and I don't know what all happens in the game. I'm assuming that Agent 47 is "The Man" in the game and every level to the game is about him. I hope he doesn't get killed in the game. 

I'm glad that I have gotten a chance to watch this movie. I will be watching again. When? I'm not sure.

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